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Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir - The Forgotten Realms ...
After rescuing the captain from goblins, investigating the wreckage of the Vigilant, and recovering some of Sa'Sani's goods, the merchant offers the characters employment

Petroleum Industry Bill: Another failed attempt? :: The ...
Hon Sa’adatu Sani, Chairman House Committee on Millennium Development Goals, arguing in favour for the north, noted that the policy which the PIB could gave birth to

Crossroad Keep - The Forgotten Realms Wiki - Books, races ...
It was best known as the Kalach-Cha's base during Neverwinter's campaign against the King of Shadows, and later, the headquarters of Lady Sa'Sani's merchant company.

Radio Nigeria: News
The Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Millennium Development goals, Hajia Sa’adatu Sani, suggested the upgrading of equipment in Intensive Care Units in
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