Tammy Mori and Department Of Transportation Free People Check 

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Airport people mover kaput because of keiki's horseplay - Hawaii ...

"The last five years or so, we've been running into problems on and off ... throughout the day," said Tammy Mori, spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation. One reason: Passengers are pushing carts onto the ...

State preps for another costly cleanup under airport viaduct - Hawaii ...

"It's going to be a recurring issue," Tammy Mori, state Department of Transportation, said. "We'll have to come back here every year and do the cleanup until really the community gets together and we really can come up with ...

Japanese 1-year-old boy dies on flight to Hawaii - Travel ...www.nbcnews.com › travel-news ›

State Department of Transportation spokeswoman Tammy Mori says the child was traveling with his parents aboard China Airlines Flight

Kilauea Bridge is now completed - The Garden Islandwww.thegardenisland.com › hawaii-news › kilaue...

... and is not sensor controlled, making it a “danger to drivers,” according to Hawai'i Department of Transportation spokeswoman Tammy Mori.