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Gender equality in the Olympics not quite there
[New Straits Times] - WHEN Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen swam her last 50m faster than the men's medley champion Ryan Lochte, an American coach raised the issue of possible cheating. She was in the final stage of the women's 400m individual medley. She is hardly 16

Guardian: Dean Macey: Ye Shiwen's Olympic gold was tainted by the doubters

[The Guardian (blog)] - Take the 16-year-old Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen, whose gold medal-winning performance was questioned by the American coach John Leonard. I thought what he said was disgusting. He ruined her moment of glory and forever after she will be tainted by

Australia getting 'soft' says swim coach
[CNN] - Ken Wood, the swim coach who helped train China's double gold winner Ye Shiwen, one of the Olympic surprises this year, said the Australians "cannot afford to be soft" to compete with Chinese swimmers. Wood, a three-time Olympic coach with 40 years of

Google News: Cuando el doping sale a flote

[El Heraldo (Colombia)] - La delegación de China en estos juegos Olímpicos de Londres presentó y luego patentizó que la jovencísima nadadora de su país, Ye Shiwen, 16 años, es un caso asombroso de calidad. Hasta el punto de que despertó una cierta “malicia indígena”- como
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