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The Saturday Quiz

[The Independent] - What was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1995? 3. Which is bigger – Tasmania or Sri Lanka? 4. Which Shakespeare play is widely reckoned to have been co-authored by Thomas Middleton? 5. Romansh is one of the four national languages of

UK Coal To Close Mine As Profit Collapses

[Yahoo! News UK] - Jack Smith • Manchester, England • 19 hours ago. when factorys or large employers decide to shut down and give mass unemployement there should be a law stating that that employer must help a certain number of their employees into new jobs and make

Surveyors predict 3.9% rise in rent

[Yahoo! News UK] - Jack Smith • Manchester, England • 18 hours ago. i sometimes think i should just buy a caravan and a tiny bit of land and live in it gypsy style then id owe nothing to anyone the thought is beginning to appeal to me more and more, id prob save enough

Teachers' contract ratified by board, union

[So Md News] - CCPS Superintendent Jack Smith explained Monday that the board's negotiating team and the union will begin negotiations for a new three-year contract for the teachers this fall. Smith said giving the teachers some type of raise or step increase is
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