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Culture etched on our DNA more than previously known ...
Jan 11, · “It furthers our understanding of the whole concept of race ethnicity,” Dr. Burchard, who collaborated with Dr. Joshua Galanter and Noah Zaitlen, said.

Looking for Asthma Clues in the Wood Stoves of Honduras ...
Joshua Galanter, MD, works in a clinic in Honduras, where he's investigating the cause of high asthma rates in the local population. By Kate Rauch. Nearly 235 million people currently suffer from asthma worldwide and it is the most common chronic disease among children, according to …

Cultural differences may leave their mark on DNA
The research—published January 3, in the online journal eLife—was led by Joshua Galanter, MD, MAS, formerly an assistant professor of ...

Exploring the Epigenetics of Ethnicity | The Scientist Magazine®
Researchers attempt to estimate how much of the human genome’s methylation patterns can be attributed to genetic ancestry.
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