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Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Lovato Fight 'R' Rating on Anti-Bullying Movie
12.03.2012 [People Magazine] - By Tim Nudd Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Brees, Demi Lovato and actor Avan Tudor Jogia are among the celebrities who have joined a high-school student's personal fight to get a documentary about bullying seen by as many kids as possible.

Ellen DeGeneres Enters the Bachelor Drama
07.03.2012 [People Magazine] - In a funny new video, the talk show host inserts herself – digitally – into all the drama, spoofing the confrontational Women Tell All special that puts DeGeneres in the hot seat much like the controversial Courtney Robertson was in real life.

Ellen DeGeneres Movie Box Office Results - Box Office Mojo
Ellen DeGeneres box office breakdown and upcoming movies.

Brand Ellen: Can Happiness Sell Clothes? | People | BoF
LOS ANGELES, United States — For the uninitiated, attending The Ellen Degeneres Show is like entering an alternate reality. In stark contrast ...