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Twitter Posts: Simrita Kaur (Simritaaaaaa)

2012.07.01 Omg I can't imagine Geet on screen with another guy! It's Geet & Maan always! Such a beautiful couple! #maan&geetforever #hindidramey

Twitter Posts: Geet.Maan (GeetMaans)

2012.06.29 Don't love the person who enjoys with you... Love the person who really suffers without you... Bcoz The pain of...

Twitter Posts: Geet.Maan (GeetMaans)


Twitter Posts: Geet.Maan (GeetMaans)


Twitter Posts: Geet.Maan (GeetMaans)


Twitter Posts: Therese Cirujano (ThereseCirujano)

2012.07.02 ulitin natin to. nakakamiss eh. @momoooole @unjhelika #Myka and #Maan

Twitter Posts: Geet.Maan (GeetMaans)

2012.06.29 Focus on the solution ♥

Twitter Posts: Ramod Cooper (That_GuysPaid)

2012.07.02 its crazy how i see @RiccaROSE_ everywhere i go. and maan your brother be muggin lol

Twitter Posts: Geet.Maan (GeetMaans)

2012.06.28 It's hard to forget about a person that did you wrong when you had so many good memories with them..

Twitter Posts: Moumita Islam (moumita_islam)

2012.07.02 @arzumalik jutha pyaar? nahi its only love if the other person feels the same too. So no. you and maan jutha pyaar jutha pyaar(;

Twitter Posts: Geet.Maan (GeetMaans)


Twitter Posts: gelly avila (gellyavila)

2012.07.02 JGH dming twa wid glenn, philip, archie and maan..hehehe..

Twitter Posts: Varsha Dixit (Varsha20)

2012.06.25 @geet_pahwa aww thanks Missy:)the sequel is coming out in sep 2012.Have u read Xcess Baggage-my 2nd one.BTW I 2 was once fond of geet Maan:)

Twitter Posts: ☀Phalana_Von_D☀ (Phalana_G)

2012.07.02 @Pamzy_Bosha Babe? Enjoyed the weekend?I hope so..even on my behalf. Caught a cold the other night..and maan,its taking its toll. #tjrrrr ✗

Twitter Posts: Esha Sharma (EshaSharma10)

2012.06.24 @gurruchoudhary Hey guru,just watching geet..maan's entry now..lovely..miss those

Twitter Posts: Moumita Islam (moumita_islam)

2012.07.02 @arzumalik @ZanShaikh yes lets make zan and maan bestfriends

Twitter Posts: GHSP DVD (WeWantGeetDVD)

2012.07.01 Loved it those old epis when Geet was very strong with her decisions and Maan Sir ko pagal kar dete thi. ~Sejal~

Twitter Posts: jp sapitula (jpsapitula)

2012.07.01 Loving sunday!=) Spa and Haircut with mama and maan=) Movie later!=)

Twitter Posts: Alyssa Mae (Itspadoodlesss)

2012.07.01 #ItsMeWIncelAndrewMercadoRebullar @carlrodil15 @zaclaiza and #Maan made my day. :)

Twitter Posts: Mohamad Al Assad (Mohamad_AlAssad)

2012.07.01 RT @Shathiiieeed: #BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrownYoussef and Maan

Twitter Posts: Sheith Sadeddin (Shathiiieeed)

2012.07.01 #BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrownYoussef and Maan

Twitter Posts: THE Youssef Ibrahim (THEYoussefI)

2012.07.01 #BeefsBetterThanDrakeAndChrisBrowns @Shathiiieeed and Maan

Twitter Posts: Jumana AL-Qahtani (joajoa_354)

2012.07.01 With malik, janoo and maan

Twitter Posts: د. معاذ الدوسري (DrAlDosari)

2012.06.30 الجمر والبيالات والبخور تعرفني (with @SaaDontics and Maan at EastTeaCan Cafe | مقهى إستكآنه) —

Twitter Posts: Boys on Fire (Boysonfire2ne1)

2012.06.30 our video entry for K.POP dance cover Festival. with David Tiu Pascual, Dion Serapio, Dan Mo and Maan Koh.=)...

Twitter Posts: Tyndyl Sison (tynsison)

2012.06.30 Magnum with @gwendilocks, #Gorpi and @Maan_26! Ö #noteatingmineyet

Twitter Posts: Francess Arensol (FrancessAnn)

2012.06.30 @fat2x_lucky13 ninyo ang teachers. Tanan ha except maam dela and maan nancy kay humana. Naa ni jezzie.

Twitter Posts: karla alba (ohmykarlita)

2012.06.30 Oh hala. Ngaman tulog na sila nga tatlo? Yvana, Mama and Maan///////Soooo not them!

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