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Glenn Beck talks elections to crowd at Phoenix rally
[AZ] - Glenn Beck told a crowd of several thousand on Saturday that the best way to improve government is to change it themselves. FreedomWorks, a Washington, D.C.-based conservative non-profit, hosted FreePAC Arizona at the Phoenix Convention

Mitt Romney praises Glenn Beck; calls him 'statesman, leader of the ...
[allvoices] - “I am proud therefore to introduce to you, my friend and a statesman in his own right, Glenn BeckBeck—you're the best Glenn, show them how it's done.” Yes, it that Beck, the right-wing "king nut,” not someone else who happened to be saddled with the

Google News: Glenn Beck Funds "Patriot Camp" for Kids

[Opposing Views] - Patriot Camp. It sounds so sweet and 1776, like little children wearing powdered wigs and chopping down cherry trees, right? But as GQ Magazine shows us, there is more to being a patriot than sewing flags and singing "America the Beautiful." No, it's

Glenn Beck's empty SUV crashes down NY hill
[The Seattle Times] - Glenn Beck's empty SUV crashes down NY hill. Radio talk show host Glenn Beck's family had a close call when their sport utility vehicle rolled down a steep hill in New York's Finger Lakes region just after they had exited the SUV. The Associated Press
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