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Caught on kiss-off cam
[Washington Post] - Former GOP nominee John McCain didn't pick Romney for VP because 'Palin was the better candidate'.

Has the presidential campaign set a new low for negativity?
[Los Angeles Times] - John McCain's campaign launched a bombshell ad likening the Democratic candidate to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, playing up the rock-star treatment Obama had received during a trip overseas while implying that he, like the tabloid favorites, was

Political Perceptions: Should Romney Talk More About Himself?
[Wall Street Journal] - Political Perceptions: Should Romney Talk More About Himself? John McCain had been a national figure for decades before the election, first as a prisoner of war and later as a senator. But when he clinched the Republican presidential nomination

Google News: Antiamericanismo y religión católica, dos de los terrenos ...

[La Región Internacional] ardiendo y estigmas en las manos de la cantante.Sus críticas a los políticos conservadores se vieron durante el tour 'Sticky And Sweet', cuando encadenó imágenes del candidato republicano John McCain con otras de Adolf Hitler al son de 'Get Stupid'.
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