Charlie Crist and Gop Free People Check 

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GOP looks toward 2010 in court fight
13.04.2010 [Politico] - Charlie Crist was one of the first contenders to weigh in Friday, urging the president in a statement to pick someone who, “in the mold of Chief Justice

Will Crist jump the GOP ship? - POLITICO
Rumors of the governor running as an independent overshadow his campaign.

Florida's Charlie Crist as new Obama fan? GOP has an answer for that....
The GOP response to news that former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida backs President Obama is a time-tested one for such occasions: question the...

Why party-swapping Charlie Crist could be Florida's next governor -...
A new poll shows ex-GOP Governor Crist – now a Democrat – would crush the deeply unpopular Republican incumbent, Rick Scott, in 2014. For now, at least,...