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Google News: Memoirs of a 20th-century man

[Asia Times Online] - American William Stearman shot raccoons as a cowboy, fought imperial Japan, outfoxed the KGB in Vienna, predicted the rise of the Berlin Wall, warned Henry Kissinger against unwise concessions to Hanoi - and lived in a haunted Washington house.

China morning round-up: Outcry over 'love attack'

[BBC News] - The Global Times publishes an interview with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger discussing how special the communiqué was, while a People's Daily commentary in its Overseas Edition says China-US relations are now "irreversible".

WikiLeaks Publishes Emails From 'Shadow CIA' Firm Stratfor

[TechWeekEurope UK] - Prominent individuals such as former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger and Dan Quayle, former US government vice president, are also said to be subscribers to the company's reports. WikiLeaks said the emails would shed light on the group's “web of

Google News: "Interview with history" hits Iranian bookshelves

[Iran Book News Agency] - IBNA: In these interviews Oriana Fallaci one of the most well- known journalists of the last half of the twentieth century confronted a whole host of powerful figures, including Henry Kissinger, Indira Gandhi, Gaddafi, Arafat, Golda Meir, Deng Xiaoping
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