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How to turn the Arab Spring into Summer
[Globe and Mail] - We're conditioned to look for obvious leaders of formal organizations – the Transitional National Council in Libya, Mohamed ElBaradei in Egypt, or official opposition parties in Syria or Yemen. Yet who are the rebels, and what are their objectives and

Tantawy's meeting with parties and potential presidential candidates adjourned
[Ahram Online] - Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy's scheduled meeting today with potential presidential candidates and representatives of parties has been adjourned, according to Mohamed ElBaradei's support campaign. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces head was to meet

Egypt's political parties and groups give mixed signals on military council ...
[Ahram Online] - Those signed included Revolution Youth Coalition, the Lotus Revolution Coalition, the Coalition of Progressive Youth, Mosharka (Participation) Movement, Bedaya (Beginning) Movement, the Mohamed ElBaradei for President Campaign, the National Front for

Iran's Plan For Nuke Weapon Center Impervious To Attack Near Completion
[] the West continues to dither, pretending that the IAEA [Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed ElBaradei's former play-toy] and the international diplomatic community can prevent the country's eventual development [perhaps in short order] of nuclear
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